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Name : Gary Davis

I would just like to say a few 'Thank you's' on behalf of the band, firstly, a massive thanks to you all who came to see us on Saturday, what a fabulous audience and wow! to have a standing ovation as well! A big thank you to the guys who came all the way from Sunderland to see us, please do keep in touch. A special thank you to the following for helping to make the show so memorable and enjoyable : Marie on saxophone, on loan to us, played wonderful and so much fun to work with!, Our sound and lighting guys, you just get it right every time, Forest FM for the privilege of interviewing me on Thursday, great talking to John all about us and the show, All the guys involved at the Regent Centre, for your help and making the show run so smoothly. Below are some of the reviews that have been coming in and of course, thank you for taking the time to make your comments, it really is so appreciated. 

Name : Fred Bonner

Have just arrived home from the regent centre, Christcurch, Dorset.You where brilliant a fanstic perfomance all round , highly recommended.

Name : Howard Rodgers
Was there last night 22nd March at Christchurch. WOW ! 
You were all superb. 2-finger whistled after many of the numbers, much to embarrassment of my wife, at the end I was left comfortably numb

Name : Irene Camberley

Thank you so much for a really fantastic evening, what a blast from the past and so well played as well.

Name : Simon

We have such a small theatre here in Christchurch, but you guys filled it with such a big and wonderful memory for me and my partner, I would love to see you at night in a festival, really 'Take it back' sorry about the pun!

Name : Charlotte & Sophie

we were amazed at how you re-created the songs of Pink Floyd, they really did sound like the real thing! what a great night and comfortably numb, so good, as was all of it but that's our fav!

Name : Leo Hill

saw you on Saturday at the Regent Centre, and thank you for a really enjoyable evening, I loved the mad "another brick part 3", your bass players got a good set of lungs and his face! a really good "Roger" in my opinion. 

Name : Greg & Maz

I would just like to say that you guys (and girls or course) have got to be the best PF tribute my wife and I have ever seen, really great set, great lighting and sound and you all clearly enjoy doing what you do best, thanks for a brilliant night and please come back. 

Your name: Anthony Goode


Your message: Saw you at Wycombe and what a fantastic show, I don't think that I have been to a show where a standing ovation was so well deserved. Please, please come back again and could you play in the theatre next time, so much better for such talented musicians like yourselves.

Your name: Gary Davis (Bass & Vocals UK FLOYD)

Your message: Thank you all for coming along to see our show and for your very kind comments below. I must say, that we, as a tribute to Pink Floyd were deeply moved by you all at Wycombe on Friday and the standing ovations not only at the end of our performance, but also during the show certainly left a few tearful eyes amongst us all.  The crowning glory for myself was seeing a very young child in the front row, his eyes totally fixated on our 'Doug' and then he burst into his very own 'air guitar' solo on 'Another Brick In The Wall' and stayed on after for a chat with us. That's what it's all about and it was an experience that I and I'm sure the rest of the band will never forget, Thank you.


Your name: Katherine Harper

Your message: Brilliant show - the band look like they're having so much fun, too!


Your name: Carole Weedon

Your message: Excellent show! Well done everyone!


Your name: Kevin Haines

Your message: Saw these guys at the Town Hall in High Wycombe tonight! Really awesome show!! Guitarist Douggie might as well have been sneaking lessons off Gilmour, James was so impressive on keyboard his performance was studio quality, Gary the bassist delivered an awesome vocal Roger Walters, drummer Chris cow bells rocked and sounded like the album was just being played! In fact I thought it was until I saw him moving around! All kudos for Sharon's fantastic 'Great Gig in the Sky' Solo! The bar was buzzing about her afters. Martin's vocals were particularly fantastic in the second half, especially his Syd Barrett


Your name: Dave Pascoe

Your message: Great gig at Wycombe tonight guys, the music was spot on, we had a great time. Thanks, see you next time round


Your name: Rachel Hillier

Your message: Great gig last night at The Wycombe Swan. Bought the tickets for my fella, not a Pink Floyd fan myself (too young lol). Only knew one song but was inspired enough to buy the Dark Side of the Moon album today!


Your name: Harry Lamport & friends!

Your message: Thank you for coming along to the Palace, we had a great time watching and listening to the show, really good and note for note perfect! I must say that your two singers up front are fantastic and we were captivated by 'The Wall' section of the show, very professional and so much feeling put into it all. Hope you return to us soon and thank you for the chat at the end. 


Your name: Trisha

Your message: You guys rock! What a great surprise at the end of comfortably numb! and just when we thought it was all over.....loved it


Your name: Simon

Your message: What a great night, I have seen alot of PF tributes and you are one of the best around, thanks again.


Your name: William Franklin

Your message: I came along to your show and decided on the day to treat my family to an evening of Pink Floyd! My wife is a massive fan but was not sure how my two teenage children would respond and it seems you have converted two more souls to appreciate the music of Pink Floyd. Thank you so much from all of us for a fantastic evening of pure musical genius and hope to see you again.


Your name: Jan and Susie

Your message: Totally blown away, can you do some more 'Syd stuff' your versions  of the really early songs are so good and must say that the entire show was a real journey for us, please come back again.


Your name: Wilf Braymen

Your message: You guys certainly know how to put on a show, loved the two guitars coming together and what a solo for Comfortably Numb, spot on mate! 


Your name: Christine Fleckly

Your message: Thank you so much for a great evening! My husband and I were really taken back to our Floyd days in the 70's, loved the selection of songs...brilliant.


Your name: Glen Giles

Your message: My son and I went to the Electric Palace in Bridport dorset and saw your show. I was very impressed with the show and thought it was brilliant. I shut my eyes durring some of the numbers and really found it hard to tell the difference from the real band . Well done and thankyou. We were very impressed with the sax player and the solo girl backing vocals. no mean feat to sing those parts. We will be back to see you when you next visit for sure. thankyou again for a fantastic evening.


Your name: Jane Gill

Your message:Saw Uk Pink Floyd at Burnley Mechanics and they were fantastic, what an atmosphere, so good to know that Floyd lives on!!!!


Your name: Ian Watkins

Your message: UK Pink Floyd Show in Christchurch last Sunday night. Fantastic job guys - as good as Aussie Floyd in most areas, and better in many. Tickets half the price of the Aussies too - what's not to like. Looking forward to next time you are in the area


Your name: Steve Oliver

Your message: Thanks for an awesome show guys, can't wait for you all to come down to Christchurch again....don't forget that spare top E string Doug! Haha, great recovery. All the best. Steve.


Your name: Jackie Stride

Your message: Just returned from your concert at the Regent Centre, Christchurch and it was absolutely FANTASTIC! My friend Pete who was with us is an avid fan of Pink Floyd and saw the Australian Pink Floyd at the O2 last year. He reckons you are just as good as them! And I agree, having seen The Wall in 1980 at Earls Court. You guys are brilliant xxxx


Your name: Mike Benton

Your message: Great show tonight at Christchurch. I was lucky enough to watch the concert from the front row. Keep up the good work! Mike


Your name: Alan Fielder

Your message: Excellent show in Shanklin last night. Hope to catch you somewhere again before next year's Shanklin visit. Thank you very much indeed. All the Best.


Your name: Catherine

Your message: Thanks for a great gig at Shanklin Theatre, Isle of Wight tonight. We loved the set you played. Individually you are all very talented and together wow, what a brilliant performance. Definitely coming to see you again next year. Enjoyed it so much Thanks from some island fans x


Your name: Mark Wright

Your message: Hi it was great having you all at the Ex-servicemen's club Corby, What Fantastic Show!! Everyone enjoyed it and said it was Amazing. We will be having you back soon.






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